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Stone Tucker Instruments, Canada's premier supplier of Coating Inspection and NDE Inspection instruments, is dedicated to serving Coatings Industry professionals by providing the best inspection products coupled with the knowledge and experience to provide quality service and the right product for your application.

Our well-stocked facilities in the lovely Niagara region of southern Ontario, and our western office in sunny Edmonton, Alberta, mean fast delivery Canada-wide. Expert Calibration and Repair services are available at both locations, with certificates issued against traceable standards to manufacturer's tolerances, in accordance with national and international standards.

DeFelsko's authorized Canadian distributor, we keep extensive inventory at both locations. STI is also authorized Canadian dealer for PTC durometers and precision thermometers; Tinker & Rasor and PCWI high and low-voltage porosity detectors; the MBX Bristle Blaster; ChlorTest salt test kits and Chlor*Rid salt removal solutions; Testex Replica Tape; and Western Instruments' Magnetic Particle Yokes & Coils and pit gauges.

Contact us for pricing on field and lab equipment from TQC, Dakota Ultrasonics thickness gauges & flaw detectors, Spectroline UV Lights, GAL Gage, Lascar Data loggers, Pelican cases & lights, and Kestrel weather meters; SSPC and NACE standards and reference materials, and a host of other instruments to meet the needs of our customers.

Our NACE-certified and CINDE-trained technical staff have extensive industry experience, giving us the unique advantage of being able to offer expert product support for virtually every coatings inspection application.

Call us today for all of your coatings inspection equipment needs.

§ Come visit our NEW Edmonton office! §

1803 - 91 Street SW, Unit 110, Edmonton  T6X 0W8

Phone Lines are open at:  587 758 8367

South off Ellerslie on 91, about 1.5 km. East side of 91 Street:


For a limited time, save 5% off any PosiTector DPM probes. PosiTector Dew Point Meter measures and records ambient conditions in a variety of environments. Call us for current pricing and your 5% discount off of any of these probes:

PosiTector DPM - measures relative humidity (RH), air temperature, surface temperature (contact), and dewpoint.

PosiTector DPM-S - measures relative humidity (RH), air temperature, and dewpoint, with separate K-type magnetic surface temperature probe

PosiTector DPM IR - measure air temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, and surface temperature via non-contact Infrared sensor.

PosiTector DPM A - measure air temperature, RH, dewpoint, surface temperature, PLUS hot-wire anemometer to measure wind speed

PosiTector DPM D - measure air temperature, RH, dewpoint, via cabled probe with ½" NPT threads & sintered aluminum sensor housing for insertion into tanks & pipes.

  New Products from DeFelsko 

PosiTector SST Abrasives Test Kit - measure the concentration of sulble salts in blast abrasives

PosiTector IRT InfraRed Thermometer - non-contact surface temperature measurement

PosiTector BHI Barcol Hardness Impressor - measure hardness of soft metals, reinfoced plastics, and other soft materials

Telescopic Probe Extender - increase the reach of PosiTector 6000 regular cabled probes up to 49"

Wireless Bluetooth Printer - wirelessly print readings and statistical summaries from all PosiTector Advanced models (firmware update is not required)

Pelican Cases - for PosiTest AT Adhesion Test kits, and for PosiTector Inspection Kits

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