DeFelsko 50mm C1583 Conversion Kit

DeFelsko’s 50mm C1583 Conversion Kit for Adhesion Testing.

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DeFelsko’s 50mm C1583 Conversion Kit for the Automatic Adhesion Tester is ideal for measuring the tensile strength of concrete surfaces and concrete repairs and overlay materials. This kit conforms to ASTM C1583.

Dolly Size and Stand-off 50 mm
Typical Applications Concrete surfaces and overlays
0.4 – 3.3 MPa
50 – 480 psi
Resolution 0.01 MPa (1 psi)
Accuracy ±1% Full Scale
Included Dollies Ø50 mm (qty 4)
with ≥ 25 mm thickness
Cutting Tool 50 mm diamond grit hole saw with arbor

DeFelsko’s 50mm Conversion Kit comes with:

  • 50 mm C1583 Stand-Off
  • 50 mm Diamond Grit Cutting Tool with Arbor
  • 50 mm C1583 Steel Dollies (4)