Gardco Cross Hatch Cutter

Gardco PA2000 Cross Hatch Cutter Kit includes all items necessary for testing coating adhesion up to 5 mils thickness on flat surfaces.

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The Gardco PA2000 Cross Hatch Cutter for testing Coating Adhesion is a precision cutting tool made up of the specially-designed handle and precision, multi-toothed cross-cut blades. Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing is appropriate for testing the adhesion of thinner coatings applied to flat and relatively smooth surfaces. Correct tooth spacing is determined by the thickness of the coating to be tested.

Gardco PA2000 Cross Hatch Cutters may be purchased alone or in kits, and a variety of cross hatch blades are available for different paint applications.

ASTM D3359-09E2 Test Method B for Cross Cut Tape Test specifies the following:

  • Dry film thicknesses < 2.0 mils (50 µm) cuts should be 1 mm apart, with eleven cuts made
  • Dry film thicknesses 2.0 to 5 mils (50 – 125 µm), cuts should be spaced 2 mm apart, with six cuts made
  • Dry film thickness thicker than 5 mils should be tested using ASTM D3359-09 Test Method A

Cross cut testing kits conform to ASTM Test Method D3359 for coating adhesion testing.

Weight1134 g
Dimensions305 × 254 × 102 mm

Gardco’s Cross Hatch Cutter Kit comes with:

  • Cutter Handle
  • One Blade (User-Selected)
  • Pull-Off Adhesive Tape (ASTM Standard)
  • Flaking Brush
  • Illuminated Magnifier
  • Hex Wrench
  • Instructions
  • Plastic Case

Replacement Accessories:

Gardco Adhesion Tape

Available Blades include:

Gardco PA 2052 Blade

Gardco PA 2053 Blade

Gardco PA 2054 Blade

Gardco PA 2056 Blade

Gardco PA 2057 Blade