Tinker & Rasor CS-10 Current Supply

Use the Tinker & Rasor CS-10 10 AMP Current Supply for remote current requirements in many Cathodic Protection applications.


Tinker & Rasor’s CS-10 Portable Current Supply is an ideal DC current source for many cathodic protection corrosion maintenance tests. Commonly used for determining current requirements for cathodic protection and impressing current on an underground structure, for assisting in locating electrical contacts with foreign systems such as underground utilities. Designed to be a convenient source of current in areas without rectifiers or other power sources. The instrument output range is zero to ten amperes, user-selectable by adjusting the range switch. The Model CS-10 is primarily for temporary drains in connection with the cathodic protection of underground piping. It can also be a convenient source of current for testing insulating joints with a compass, determining the extent of a CP area, locating shorts, and testing casings.

Housed in a top-quality, waterproof plastic carrying case, Tinker & Rasor CS-10 provides up to 10 amps of D.C. current at 12 volts, with two ranges, three interrupt cycles, and a fully adjustable current output (with LCD) from zero mA to 10 amps.

Uses for the CS-10 Current Supply include:

  • CP Current Requirements
  • CP maintenance tests
  • Locating shorts and contacts
  • Casing shorts
  • Insulator testing & locating

Features of the CS-10 Portable Current Supply:

  • Adjustable DC Output from 0 mA to 10 Amps
  • Uses internal 12 v rechargeable battery
  • Use with 12 – 15v DC external power source
  • Continuous or interrupted output
  • Interrupter timing:
    • 1 sec OFF –   4 sec ON
    • 2 sec OFF –   8 sec ON
    • 6 sec OFF – 14 sec ON
  • LCD display of output, 1 mA resolution
  • Lightweight & portable (10 lb/4.5 kg)
  • MIL-SPEC case: rugged, weather-sealed, lockable

NB: the CS-10 cannot be used in explosive environments; current and voltages exceed those permitted in hazardous (classified) locations.

Weight 2720 g
Dimensions 146 × 311 × 254 mm

The Tinker & Rasor CS-10 Current Supply includes:

  • CS-10 Current Supply
  • 12V Rechargeable Battery
  • 9V Replaceable Battery
  • 1 Set of Structure/Ground Cables
  • 1 Set of Cables, 12V DC Power
  • Battery Charger
  • Instruction Manual
Tinker & Rasor CS-10 Datasheet

Click here to download the Tinker & Rasor CS-10 Datasheet