DeFelsko PosiTector FLS Probe

DeFelsko PosiTector FLS Probe measures thick non-magnetic coatings up to 1.5 inches (38 mm).


DeFelsko PosiTector FLS Cabled Probe for measuring intumescent paint and other thick protective coatings on steel. Compatible with both Standard and Advanced PosiTector Gauge bodies, the FLS probe measures thick coatings or linings up to 1.5 inches on steel or other ferrous metals. This probe has a braided stainless steel cable that is kink-proof, and wear and cut resistant. Conforms to: ISO 2178/2360/2808, PrEN ISO 19840, ASTM B499/D1186/D1400/D7091/E376/G12, BS3900-C5, SSPC-PA2 and others.

FLS Range

0 – 1.5 inches (0 – 38 mm)

FLS Accuracy

± (0.01 inches + 3%)
± (0.2 mm + 3%)

*Accuracies are stated as a fixed value plus a percentage of the gauge’s actual reading.

The PosiTector FLS Probe is compatible with PosiTector Smartlink and fully interchangeable on both Standard and Advanced gauge bodies.

Weight0.14 g
Dimensions13.7 × 6.1 × 2.8 mm

DeFelsko’s PosiTector FLS Probe comes with:

  • 19 mm (750 mil) Shims
  • Hardshell Case
  • PosiSoft Software
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST or PTB

DeFelsko Working Shims

Plastic Shims

PosiSoft Software

PosiTector Smartlink

PosiTector 6000 Datasheet

Click here to download the PosiTector 6000 Datasheet