DeFelsko Powder Comb

DeFelsko’s Powder Comb measures the thickness of dry coating powder before it’s baked or cured.

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Check the thickness of applied powder coatings with DeFelsko’s Powder Comb before baking to ensure the correct application the first time for your required coating thickness. Avoid costly stripping and re-coating with its associated potential adhesion problems, or waste of material from applying excess powder.

Easy to use, the Powder Comb is pushed perpendicularly into the dry power until the side stand-offs sit on the substrate. Drag the Powder Comb along the surface of the coated part for at least 1/2 inch. Remove the Powder Comb from the coated surface and examining the marks left in the powder.

Powder thickness is between the highest-numbered tooth which made a mark and has powder clinging to it, and the next-highest tooth which left no mark and has no powder clinging to it.

Observe the image to the left. The 3 and 6 mil teeth both make lines and have powder clinging to them, but the 9 mil tooth does not. The uncured powder thickness is therefore between 6 and 9 mils.

Please review the following chart to determine the correct Powder Comb model(s) for your particular job:

Model Height Tooth 1 Height Tooth 2 Height Tooth 3 Height Tooth 4
Model 1 (mils) 3 6 9 12
Model 2 (mils) 10 15 20 25
Model 3 (mils) 20 30 40 50
Model 4 (µm) 75 150 225 300
Model 5 (µm) 250 375 500 625
Model 6 (µm) 500 750 1000 1250

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Powder Comb Datasheet