Lascar EL-USB-TC Thermocouple Data Logger

Lascar Electronics EasyLog EL-USB-TC Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with a 0 to 200º C (32 to 392ºF) measurement range.

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Lascar Electronics EL-USB-TC K, J, & T Data Logger measures and records temperature readings in virtually any environment. EL-USB-TC stores more than 32,000 temperature readings. Plug the built-in USB connection directly into the computer to set logging rate, or download stored readings. EasyLog Software is available free from the Lascar website, which permits the user to export, graph, and print temperature readings including date/time stamp and logger serial number. The long-life lithium battery typically allows logging for up to 2 years.


  • Temperature range: 0 to 200º C/32 to 392ºF
  • Compatible with K, J, T type thermocouples
  • Stores over 32,000 readings
  • User-programmable alarm thresholds
  • Immediate and delayed logging
  • Status indication via red & green LEDs

EasyLog set-up options:

  • Logger name
  • C or F scales
  • Logging rate (10x, 1, 5, 30 min, 1, 6, 12 hr)
  • High and low alarms
  • Immediate, delayed, push-to-start logging
  • Display off/on for 30 seconds after button press, or permanently on
  • Data roll-over (allows unlimited logging periods by overwriting the oldest data when the memory is full)

K-type probe measures -200 to 1350°C (-328 to 2462°F)

J-type probe measures -200 to 1190°C (-328 to 2174°F)

T-type measures -200 to 390°C (-328 to 734°F)

The EasyLog Data Logger comes complete with long-life lithium battery and software.

Dimensions118 × 27 × 27 mm

The Lascar EasyLog EL-USB-TC Data Logger comes with:

  • Battery
  • K-Type Thermocouple Probe
  • Mounting Bracket
Lascar EasyLog EL-USB-TC Datasheet

Click here to download the Lascar EasyLog EL-USB-TC Datasheet

Click here to download the EasyLog WiFi Software