DeFelsko PosiTector DPMIR Infrared Probe

DeFelsko’s PosiTector DPM IR Probe features ambient and infrared surface temperature.

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DeFelsko’s PosiTector DPM IR Integral Probe with Infrared Surface Temperature Sensor measures and records climatic conditions in surface preparation. Dew point measurement is an important and necessary aspect of preparation for coatings application, to ensure proper adhesion of coatings to surface.

With PosiTector Dew Point Meter, measurement of relative humidity, surface temperature, air temperature, dew point temperature, and difference between surface and dew point temperatures, is performed simultaneously with a single gauge, with no need to consult complex tables or use a dew point calculator. Read all measurement parameters easily on the large LCD display, store measurements internally in the gauge, download readings to your computer, or upload to DeFelsko’s cloud-based application, PosiTector DPM can be set up to AutoLog at user-selected intervals for continuous monitoring of all measurement values.

This probe’s parameters include:

  • Surface temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Wet bulb temperature*
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point temperature
  • Surface temperature minus dew point temperature

*Wet Bulb Temperature is displayed and recorded on PosiTector Advanced Models only

Weight227 g
Dimensions185 × 121 × 51 mm

The PosiTector DPMIR comes with:

  • Environmental Sensors
  • Protective Rubber Holster
  • Wrist Strap
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Instructions
  • Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST
  • USB Cable
  • Two Year Warranty
PosiTector DPM Datasheet

Click here to download the PosiTector DPM Datasheet