Rhopoint TAMS Instrument

Rhopoint Americas TAMS™ Total Appearance Measurement System for automotive painting.

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Rhopoint Americas TAMS Total Appearance Measurement System measures the quality of automotive paint finish. Analyze the surface roughness and waviness of the raw material to be painted, as well as the effectiveness of the coating process, sanding, or polishing operations. The TAMS can map surfaces at all stages of paint processes with the portability of a handheld device.

Visual Perception Measurements:

  • Contrast (“C”)
  • Sharpness (“S”)
  • Waviness (“W”)
  • Dominant Structure Size (“D”)
  • Quality
  • Harmony

Compatible with DIN EN ISO 4287 or DIN EN ISO 25178.

Weight 950 g
Dimensions 172 × 136 × 56 mm

The Rhopoint TAMS comes with:

  • TAMS Unit
  • AC Adaptor
  • Rechargeable Batteries (2)
  • Spare Measurement Baffle
  • Calibration Plate
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Certificate

Rhopoint TAMS Datasheet