X-Rite RM200QC Portable Imaging Spectrocolorimeter

X-Rite RM200QC Spectrocolorimeter provides accurate colour measurement in a hand-held, ready-to-use colourimeter with an affordable price-tag. Compare colours to other colours, to a colour standard or colour plot, describe differences, measure opacity or gray-scale, and produce reports of colour results.

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X-Rite’s RM200QC Portable Imaging Spectrocolorimeter is an easy-to-use, hand-held meter that measures colour and provides objective colour comparisons in virtually any context where colour control is required. Read-to-use, the RM200QC reads the sample, and produces a report telling how close your color is to a measured standard.

RM200QC measures color accurately by taking images of your sample using 8 different visible illuminations and 1 UV LED (9 bands), an advantage over traditional colorimeters that typically have only three 3 bands (Red, Green, and Blue).

The unique imaging technology of RM200QC provides better agreement to visual observations through its 45/0 optical geometry and proprietary image capture technology. Each measurement is a combination of 27 images illuminated with different colors and from different directions. This takes just a little over a second and provides the device with information on color as well as on surface texture effects.

RMC200QC allows precise positioning on your sample, first for preview of the measurement area and then to store and recall the image after measurement.

RM200QC allows you to measure up to 20 reference standards and store these on the device, each date and time stamped with the option to name them using the onscreen keyboard. A maximum of 350 sample measurements can be stored on the device and compared to the reference standards.

For the ultimate in performance, the RM200QC is ideal for use with Munsell/Pantone color standards. The production of these standards requires tight manufacturing  tolerances, promoting a synchronous relationship between visual and measured results of color evaluation at any location. This, in turn, provides the consistency needed to maintain an accurate, reliable color program.

Measure & compare samples with intuitive user-interface Create & store up to 20 standards using averaging function for highest accuracy

Measure samples & display pass/fail warnings. Save up to 350 samples with voice or text tags

Colour Plot shows the difference between the standard and the sample

Test results are easily seen with:

  • Graphical Pass/Fail indicator
  • Display of dE for all common methods i.e. CIELAB, CMC, CIE 94, 2000
  • Display of measured and delta differences with L*a*b*C*h° for standard and sample
  • Graphical L*a*b* plot
  • Verbal color difference description
  • Tagging your samples either using the on screen keyboard for text or the built in voice recorder makes it easy to identify your measurements.
  • If you need a more in-depth report, RM200QC automatically creates PDF and CSV files that can be accessed on your computer with the device set in the “USB Report Mode”. It’s as simple as plugging in a memory stick!

Functions of the RM200QC:

Color Compare automated measurement for standard and sample comparison

Opacity Check measurement function to control the covering power of coatings

Gray Scale measurement for stain and color change assessment on textiles.

Strength measurement for any manufacturing process that requires control and adjustment of color component strength

Features of the RM200QC:

  • Display communicates color information, instrument status, and option
  • Two-stage measure button: press lightly to start preview and firmly to measure
  • Navigation control
  • Enter button selects menu items and opens tag menu
  • Power on/off
  • Speaker and Microphone for recording and playback of voice tags
  • USB connection for charging the battery and interface to computer or printer
  • On-board Opacity measurement provides accurate and flexible functionality for coatings and plastics
  • The RM200QC automatically creates conformance reports in PDF and Excel formats, for the stored samples against each standard. These can be output to a computer or directly to a compatible printer (Printers supporting USB Memory stick with PDF file type)
RM200QC provides accurate L*a*b*C*H* standard, sample and color difference values Verbal color descriptions help to understand and describe the direction of color difference Gray Scale and Strength functions are included for textile assessment RM200QC offers superior ergonomics for this application and improved performance (compared to visual evaluation)