PTC 307L Type D Durometer

PTC 307L Type D Durometer for testing material hardness meets or exceeds ASTM standards for measurement of hardness by indentation method.

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PTC Model 307L Classic-Style Durometer measures material hardness using the Shore hardness scale. Hardness of plastics and rubbers, including coatings and linings, is generally measured using a Durometer, with the Shore A scale used for the softest materials and the Shore D for the harder materials.

PTC Durometers feature a low-glare, serialized dial with bold, easy-to-read numbers, and include a Max Hold hand which holds peak hardness reading until reset. PTC Durometers are portable and durable enough for field or laboratory material testing. Conformable to ASTM D2240* and ISO 868 standards for testing material hardness for rubbers and plastics, the Classic-style PTC Durometer can be used as a hand-held tester, with a test stand, or with a constant load weight.

PTC Instruments manufactures and calibrates durometers to ISO 17025 standards. All PTC Durometers come with a hardness test block and carrying case.

Optional NIST-traceable certificate available with all durometers.

*ASTM D2240 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Durometer Hardness

Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 57 × 44 × 102 mm

The PTC 307L comes with:

  • Type D Durometer
  • Hardness Test Block
  • Carrying Case

Durometer Test Stand




Test Block

PTC 307L Durometer Datasheet

Chart of PTC Durometer Models