James NDT Digital Concrete Test Hammer

James Digital Concrete Test Hammers for quick and easy determination of the compressive strength of concrete and other construction materials. Three kits available.

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James Instruments’ Digital Rebound Concrete Test Hammers are an advanced, completely automated system for estimating concrete compressive strength. Its calculation, memory and recording functions allow for quick, easy and accurate test results.

The Schmidt concrete test hammer works on the principle of the rebound impact of a hammer on a piston which rests against the surface of concrete under test; the greater the resistence, the greater the rebound impact.

Discard values for multiple test results can be set; the mean, median and compressive strength can also be calculated. The addition of modern microprocessor technology allows the data to be stored, printed and transferred to a personal computer via USB interface, for further analysis or inclusion in your reports.

The unit comes with an integrated alpha – numeric digital display, and control panel. You can switch between standard or metric units.The field printer mounts on the belt for ease of use.

Tests can be performed in any position
with appropriate consideration of the effect
of gravity on the impact shock.

Impact force is 1.6 ft.lb, or 2.2 Nm.

All James Concrete Test Hammers conform to ASTM C-805:
Standard Test Method for Rebound Number
of Hardened Concrete

and other international standards:

James NDT Digital Rebound Hammer does not require special maintenance; simply avoid dust collecting in the piston and entering the device. James Digital schmidt concrete test hammers, are available in “N” and “L” type.

Specifications of James Digital Concrete Test Hammers:

Use optional James Calibration Anvil (W-C-7312) to verify calibration of concrete test hammers. Calibration check is recommended frequently; usually after around 2000 strokes.

Available kits, N-type:

W-D-2000 DIGITAL 2000 REBOUND HAMMER W/PRINTER & SOFTWARE – Automatic calculation of mean rebound number, compressive strength and more; Field Printer, PC connection and software for downloading

W-D-1700 DIGITAL 1700 REBOUND HAMMER W/PRINTER – Automatic calculation of mean rebound number, compressive strength and more; with Field Printer only

W-D-1500 DIGITAL 1500 REBOUND HAMMER only – Automatic calculation of mean rebound number, compressive strength and more

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Optional Accessories:

W-D-1100 Digital 1100 Rebound Hammer Software

W-D-1200 Digital 1200 Rebound Hammer Printer

W-C-7312  James Calibration Anvil

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