James NDT Low-Impact Digital Schmidt Hammer

James NDT Low-Impact Digital Concrete Test Hammer provides quick and easy testing compressive strength of thinner concrete specimens. It’s lower impact force makes it ideal for testing plaster and mortar, as well as brittle rock cores that would break under normal impact force, as well as paper and film rolls that would be damaged by the standard hammer.

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James NDT Low-Impact Digital Rebound Concrete Test Hammer features the reduced impact force suitable for field-testing the compressive strength of thinner concrete surfaces between 2″ and 4″,  such as sidewalks, bridge-decks, and driveways. Its lower impact strength of 0.54 ft.lb / 0.735 Nm makes it suitable for testing the hardness of plaster and mortar, as well as brittle rock specimens and rock cores, which the standard rebound hammer would damage or destroy. Minimum verifiable strength is 1400 PSI (10 MPa) up to approximately 9000 PSI (62MPa).

James Low-Impact Schmidt Hammer is also the ideal tool for testing paper and film rolls to determine whether the edges are as tightly wound as the centre, and that the winding is even across the roll, preventing damages in shipping and storage, and lowering productivity. TAPPI specifies readings 1 – 3″ from the edge and 6″ down the lenght of the rolls to confirm even winding across the whole roll.

James Digital Impact Hammer features an integrated alpha-numeric digital display and control panel, metric / imperial switchable units. The unit connects to personal computer via USB interface to view or download measurements. Field Printer mounts on the instrument belt for ease of use.

Conformable to ASTM C-805, Standard Test Method for Rebound Number of Hardened Concrete, and other international standards for concrete compressive strength testing.

Specifications for the James Type-L Concrete Test Hammer:

The Low-Impact Digital Rebound Test Hammer is available in two kits:

Digital Model W-D-1505 – Basic system: automatic calculation of mean rebound number, compressive strength and more; Application: Rapid estimate of concrete strength.

Digital Model W-D-2005 – Complete system: automatic calculation of mean rebound number, compressive strength and more; Field Printer, PC connection and software for downloading

It is recommended that Rebound Concrete Test Hammers be regularly verified for calibration, after about 2000 impacts. James Calibration Anvil (W-C-7312) is the right impact testing device for both digital and manual Schmidt hammers.

Optional Accessories:

W-D-1200 Digital 1200 Rebound Hammer Printer

W-C-7312  James Calibration Anvil