DHT-100 Portable Metal Hardness Tester by Time Instruments

Time Instruments’ DHT-100 Portable Hardness Tester is a hand-held Leeb-style Digital Hardness Tester for use in a variety of applications. Large LCD display, wide measuring range in each of Leeb, Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, and Shore hardness scales, statistics calculations, high-low alarm, and data storage make the DHT-100 ideal for virtually any testing situation where a hand-held impact device is indicated.

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Time Instruments’ DHT-100 Portable Metal Hardness Tester


HL, HRC, HRB, HB, HV and HS convertible
D (standard), DC/ D + 15 / C / G / DL (optional)
±0.5 %
LCD display with back light
Average / Max. / Min. value calculation; Limits setting and alarm
Data view software & RS232 cable
999HV (Impact device D/DC/DL/D+15/C)

68HRC (Impact device D/DC/DL/D+15/C)

680HB (Impact device G)

2kg on solid support / 0.2kg with couplant paste
5 mm (Impact device D/DC/DL/D+15)

3 mm (Impact device C)

10 mm (Impact device G)

Battery low indication
2 AAA batteries
-20°C to 40 ° C
Weight180 lbs
Dimensions108 × 62 × 25 in

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