TQC Concrete Moisture Meter

TQC Concrete Moisture Meter provides non-destructive measurement of moisture content of concrete surfaces and structures.

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TQC LI9200 Moisture Meter is ideal for testing moisture content of concrete floors or structures prior to coating application or installation of flooring. This meter is easy to use: simply select the desired moisture scale, and press the electrodes on the base of the meter to fully engage all eight against the concrete surface being tested. Readings are clearly displayed on the gauge face. Non-destructive moisture meters measure electrical impedance generated between the electrodes while they are in contact with the concrete surface. Depending on the moisture content, measurements are made to a depth of several centimetres.

Concrete 0-6% H2O

Concrete scale may be used only for concrete surfaces. It shows the relation between weight of pure water contained in the tested material with its dry weight. The scale range varies between 0 and 6%, as 6% is about maximal physically-possible content of water in the concrete.

The obtained results should not be confused with moisture emission or any other humidity measurement methods.

2. ~Carbide Method 0-4% H2O

Carbide scale shows concrete humidity according to the carbide method.

3. Relative Scale 0-100%

Relative scale may be used in humidity-level comparison of various materials. Obtained results should not be interpreted as percentage content of water in tested surfaces. There is no linear correlation between the outcomes and relative humidity. The scale should be used only as comparison technique. Scale may be used on the surfaces where direct contact with pure concrete is impossible because of some layer/covering.

4. ~15. Scale 0.3-15.3m

~Limits of non-destructive moisture testing of concrete:

LI9200 Moisture Meter should not be used to measure concrete moisture on surfaces which are topped with a thick layer of floor covering material like wood.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Ideal for a quick test
  • Normal and max. hold-mode
  • Large, monochrome display with back-light
  • Battery indicator

The TQC Concrete Moisture Meter comes with:

  • Moisture Meter
  • Soft Pouch
  • Manual
  • 2 AA Batteries