Micro-Metrics OG214 Plastic Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge

Micro-Metrics’ OG214 Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge for dry film measurement of single or multiple coats on any substrate, as well as the microscopic examination and measurement of substrate and film defects.


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Micro-Metrics OG214 Tooke Gauge is used to measure directly the thickness of each layer of coating, as well as total coating thickness. A V-shaped groove is made through the paint film and into the substrate. Coating and substrate are observed through a 50-power illuminated magnifier fitted with a measuring scale. Enhanced dual-measure scope features a reticle marked in mills and microns.

The OG214 Tooke Gauge features an injection-molded, high-impact polycarbonate plastic body, suitable for most applications where the gauge will not be exposed to corrosive materials. Precision tungsten-carbide cutting tips are side-mounted with balancing legs to ensure precise alignment of the paint inspection gauge to the surface being examined.

Reticle Specifications:

Cutting Tip Maximum Coating Thickness Precision of Thickness Determinations One Division on the reticle scale represents:

100 mils

2500 µm

± 0.25 mils

+ 5 µm

1.0 mil

20 µm


20 mils

500 µm

0.13 mils

+ 2.5 µm

0.5 mil

10 µm


3 mils

75 µm

0.025 mils

+ 0.5 µm

0.1 mil

2 µm


Weight 700 g
Dimensions 114 × 89 × 25 mm

The Tooke OG214 comes with:

  • Hex Wrench
  • Marker
  • LED Bulb
  • Spare Batteries
  • Technical Datasheet
  • Carrying Case

Standard cutting tips are 1X, 2X, and 10X, but the gauge can be purchased with an arrangement of any three tips to accommodate specific applications.

Optional 5x blade is available.

Micro-Metrics OG214 Gauge Datasheet