TQC USB Microscope Camera

TQC LD6182 USB-Microscope Camera is a inexpensive, pocket-sized lighted microscope combined with colour digital camera connects to computer via USB. Clear colour photos with a press of a button. Ideal for visual analysis of surface characteristics such as coating thickness, cross-cut adhesion testing, number or distance between objects on the surface, cracks or mars in a surface, or other coatings or quality inspection applications.


TQC LD6182 USB Microscope Camera couples an illuminated USB microscope with a colour digital camera for visual inspection of a variety of surface conditions. Connected to a computer, images from TQC’s Microscope Camera are clearly displayed on your computer screen. Precision optics and 20 – 200 X magnification provide clear images of even fine details of objects, damages, or flaws on surfaces. The 8 integrated White Light LED’s are adjustable in strength, guaranteeing a clear view without causing reflections. Hi-resolution colour photos taken with the push of a button, offer a permanent record of observed surface conditions that can be incorporated into inspection or failure reports.

Included software enables the user to measure linear distance, radius, diameter, and angle around or between objects in view, and to count objects such as marks, bumps, inclusions, and pits within a defined surface area, enhancing the ability to analyse for coating failures or imperfections, and quality of coating preparation. The software also permits the making and editing of videos with images captured.

TQC USB Microscope is supplied with a magnetic microscope holder, to hold the instrument upright and still. with its 3 strong magnets, the Microscope/Camera can also be used in a vertical position on ferrous materials.

Simple to use and very versatile, the TQC USB Microscope with Digital Camera is an economical tool for visual inspection and permanent record of all manner of surface evaluation applications.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Magnification between 20X and 200X
  • Light-source: 8 LED (adjustable by control wheel)
  • Clear view without reflections
  • Resolution: 2.0 Mega Pixel (1600 x 1280) Interpolated to 5.0 Mega Pixel (2560 x 2048)
  • Photo formats: JPG, AVI
  • Video format: AVI
  • Advanced, yet easy-to-use software to edit and measure
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Mac 10.5 and up
  • OSD language: English, German, Spanish, Korean, French, Russian

Standard Supply: TQC USB Microscope w Digital Camera, CD with full manual and software, Microscope stand, Quick start guide, Magnetic microscope holder

Full Kit: TQC USB Microscope w Digital Camera, USB-cable, software, tall, L-shaped stand and accessories are all included


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