Western Instruments’ Bridging Pit Gauge System

Bridging Pit Gauge system is designed for pit depth measurement over large areas of steel corrosion. The Bridging Pit Gauge system can be assembled in either a spanning or cantilevering configuration to accommodate multiple corrosion inspection applications

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Bridging Pit Gauge System by Western Instruments is designed for measuring pit depth within large areas of weight-loss corrosion. The Standard Bridging Pit Gauge kit can be assembled to either span the corroded surface to measure pit depth in the central area, or to cantilever across the steel surface. The Bridging Pit Gauge can also be used to measure dents and buckles on pipelines, shell settlement on storage tanks, of other types of deterioration or damage to large surfaces.

The Bridging Pit Gauge System consists of a dial indicator installed in an assembly of Blades and Extender Tees to form a bridging bar. The bridging bar can be assembled to follow the contour of a slightly irregular surface, important for measuring on curved surfaces such as tanks, pipes, or pressure vessels.

The Standard Bridging Pit Gauge kit assembles up to 28.5″ long. Extra blades and extenders can be purchased to increase the length of the total Bridging System. The Bridging Pit Gauge System can be assembled in either cantilever or spanning configuration, and the main blade can be used alone with the dial indicator for measuring smaller areas of pitting. In addition, the Slider Blade allows the inspector to position the gauge without lifting from a secure position. The optional Magnetic Hold-Downs permit the gauge to scan across large areas of corrosion.

The Standard Bridging Pit Gauge kit includes:

  • imperial dial indicator
  • 5.5″ main blade (centre & end mounting positions for indicator)
  • 3.5″ Connector Blade
  • 1.5″ End Blade
  • 2 x 12″ Extender Tees
  • 1.5″ Slider Blade
  • Fasteners & wrench
  • carrying case

Optional: Basic or adjustable magnetic hold-downs

Additional parts may be purchased to allow bridging greater distances.