Western Instruments’ Tri-Gauge

The Tri-Gauge Lever-Style Pit Gauge by Western Instruments is a convenient and simple tool to assess corrosion. The Tri-Gauge doubles as a Weld Inspection Gauge to measure weld crown height or undercut depth, to 1000th inch or .5 mm.

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The Tri-Gauge™ is today's most versatile Lever Pit Gauge, with its Metric and dual Imperial Scales. The Tri-Gauge also serves as a basic Weld Inspection Gauge, measuring Undercut Depth and Weld Crown Height, and can be used as a Porosity Comparitor. Tri-Gauge has both Metric and Imperial edge rules, and is fitted with a Patented Pointer Offset Correction for improved accuracy and repeatability. Lever Pit Gauges are intended to evaluate corrosion, and not as an absolute measuring tool.

The Tri-gauge is supplied with a Pocket-Protector type Case and Instructions.