SPY 780 DC High Voltage Holiday Detector

SPY 780 DC High Voltage Holiday Detector for FBE Thin Film Coatings.


SPY 780 DC High Voltage Holiday Detector for FBE Thin Film Coatings was designed for the most extreme conditions.

Adjust your voltage to any setting for the coating you are inspecting, whatever pipe size, from two inches through sixty inches. Auto regulated voltage allows you to keep your voltage consistent and automatically adjusts under the working load to your set voltage levels.

The SPY 780 features an integral voltmeter to verify your voltage settings, as well as a horn and light for holiday indication. Your output voltage is automatically regulated with light cycles off to indicate when a holiday is present. Plus, the ability to adjust your audible alarm for heavy equipment environments.


Voltage TypeDC
Voltage Range1-5 kV
Voltage Output Accuracy±5%
Coating Range4-50 mils (.10mm-1.27mm)
Operating Temperature–20°F to 148°F (-20° to 64.5° C)

The SPY 780 complies with domestic/international standards including AS 3894.1, ANSI/AWWA C203, ANSI/AWWA C214, ASTM D4787, ASTM D5162, NACE RP0274, NACE SP0188, NACE SP0490, NACE TM0186, and NACE TM0384.

Weight3379 g
Dimensions546 × 127 × 203 mm

The SPY 780 comes with:

  • DC Unit
  • 12V Rechargeable Batteries (2)
  • 12V Charger
  • 50 ft Ground Cable
  • Electrode Wand
  • Spring Connector
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Shoulder Strap Handle Clip
  • Brush Adapter Kit
  • SPY® Screwdriver
  • Carrying Case
  • Operating Instructions
  • Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST
  • One Year Warranty
SPY 780 Datasheet

Click here to download the SPY 780 Datasheet