DeFelsko Certified P1 Polystyrene Blocks

DeFelsko’s Certified Polystyrene Blocks for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gauges.


DeFelsko’s Certified Polystyrene Blocks are for use with gauges that measure over 1500 µm (60 mils). Ideal for the PosiTector 6000 FT, FTS, NTS, FNTS, and 200 D.

For when verification of gauge accuracy at a test site is required each time a coating thickness gauge is put into service, DeFelsko’s certified coating thickness standards have measured values traceable to a National Metrology Institution.

These standards are used to verify the accuracy and operation of mechanical, electronic, eddy-current, or ultrasonic coating thickness gauges, and are certified and labelled in both Metric and Imperial units.

The P1 Standard features a range of 375 µm (15 mils) to 6.5 mm (250 mils).

Certified Polystyrene Blocks have an accuracy of +(2.5 µm + 0.05% of thickness) +(0.1 mil + 0.05% of thickness).


All certified standards are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST or PTB.

DeFelsko Coating Thickness Standards Datasheet