DeFelsko Certified SPG Standards

DeFelsko PosiTector Certified SPG Standards verify the accuracy and operation of surface profile depth micrometers.

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DeFelsko’s Certified SPG Standards for surface profile depth micrometers including the PosiTector SPG.

These standards are certified and labelled in both Metric and Imperial units, and are ideal for fulfilling ISO and in-house quality control requirements.

The SPG Standards features a range of 0 to 500 µm (20 mils), and have an accuracy of ± 1.25 µm (± 0.05 mil).

Weight545 g
Dimensions165 × 51 × 115 mm

DeFelsko PosiTector SPG Standards come complete with:

  • Precision Ground Steel Base
  • 4 Sapphire Test Plates
  • Sample Certificate of Accuracy
  • Hardshell Carrying Case
  • Certificate of Calibration traceable to PTB

Certified SPG Standards Datasheet