The Paint Inspectors Field Guide by TQC

The Paint Inspector’s Field Guide For Protective Coating Inspection by TQC is the Coatings Inspector’s manual for inspection methods, standards, and coatings application problems in corrosion control by protective coatings for steel. Paint Inspector’s Field Guide features instructive text, pictorial representations of inspection techniques, standards, and coating defects, and the author’s inspection and experience notes to help the protective coatings inspector better address problems that may arise during surface preparation, coatings application, or during the lifetime of the finished product.


Corrosion Control by means of protective coatings requires inspection throughout the coating process, beginning with review of project specifications, through to confirmation that application conforms to contract specifications and industry best-practices for coatings application. The Paint Inspector’s Field Guide for Protective Coating Inspection published by TQC covers the majority of test methods and inspection practices used in the coatings industry today. The Paint Inspector’s Field Guide references SSPC Visual Standards for surface preparation, measuring surface profile, salt testing, causes and remedies for coating failures, after-cure paint testing including holiday detection and adhesion testing, coating maintenance and in-service inspection, and safety issues. The last section of the TQC – PIFG includes a list of the commonest protective coatings standards for corrosion prevention applications.

Written by experienced protective coatings inspector Lee Wilson, The Paint Inspector’s Field Guide offers suggestions for avoiding or remedying some of the problems that may arise in the field. Colour graphics further illustrate both coating inspection techniques and standards, as well as common quality control issues encountered during surface preparation and coatings application. TQC’s Paint Inspector’s Field Guide may be the most comprehensive Coating Inspector’s pocket-guide for inspection of protective coatings on steel.

Sample pages showing common defects of checking and cissing: