Chlor*Test CSN Kit

ChlorTest CSN Chloride-Sulphate-Nitrate Ion Test Kits by Chlor*Rid International are simple to use and accurate field test kits for measuring soluble salts in water used for blast cleaning for coatings preparation or other liquids.

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ChlorTest CSN Kit by Chlor*Rid International is a self-contained salt test kit containing everything needed for simple and accurate measurement of soluble salts on surfaces. ChlorTest CSN was designed to be an easy-to-use field test kit for measuring chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salt contamination of surfaces prior to coatings application.

Soluble salts are invisible, but can result in early coatings failure if they remain entrapped on the surface beneath the coating. Detection and removal of soluble salts prior to coatings application will eliminate a primary cause of premature coating failure and protect against degradation of the substrate. Sulphate and nitrate salts can be present along with chlorides, and must be removed in order to prevent blistering of the coating and protect against deterioration of the structure being painted.

Chlor*Test CSN Chloride/Sulfate/Nitrate Ion Test uses an unique patented extract solution, Chlor*Extract™, to retrieve surface salt contamination. Chlor*Extract enhances extraction rates of soluble salts, giving more accurate test results. All components are pre-measured and packaged in single doses to ensure accuracy, and prevent against cross-contamination between tests.

The test specimen is collected in the patented Chlor*Sleeve, which can be used on any shape of surface and in any position. The tests for all three salts are performed on each sample collected. Testing for chlorides is done in a similar manner to the regular Chlor*Test Kit for surfaces: the prepared titration tube is inserted into the collected sample, and a reading is made where the colour change is indicated on the tube. Values are shown in both parts per million (ppm) and micrograms per square centimetre (µg/cm²)

Nitrates are tested using the nitrate strips; simply dip the cushioned end of the strip into the test sample for 2 seconds, wait for a minute and compare the colour of the strip with the comparator card included with the kit.

To determine the value of sulphate ion contamination, the sample is prepared according to the kit instructions, and inserted into the colourimeter supplied with Chlor*Test CSN Test Kit, which displays the reading in µg/cm². The ChlorTest CSN colorimeter provides digital read-out with an accuracy of + 1%. The meter is water-resistant, EPA and CE compliant.

Chloride measurement range is 0 – 60 ppm, nitrates is 0 – 50, and the colorimeter reads 0 – 100 ppm. ChlorTest CSN Salt Test Kit is suitable for surface testing in any application requiring the detection or measurement of chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salts, and is safe for use on virtually all surfaces and in any environment (bridges, aircraft, mining facilities, ships, marine structures, storage tanks, cooling towers, pipelines, power plants, off-shore rigs, petrochemical plants, pulp & paper mills, steel fabrication, and steel fabrication.) Chlor*Test CSN Chloride/Nitrate/Sulfate Ion Test Kits correspond to: ISO 8502-5, 8502-11, NACE 6G186 and SSPC- GUIDE 15.

The Chlor*Test CSN Kit contains the necessary materials for 5 of each of chloride tests, nitrate tests, and sulfate tests, including the colourimeter. ChlorTest CSN is also available as a regular refill pack with the necessary components for five each of all three tests, and bulk packs of 50 of each test, for use with the previously-purchased colorimeter.

If salt testing reveals levels of chlorides, sulphates, or nitrates that exceed permitted levels, use Chlor*Rid liquids to remove surface salts: Chlor*Rid Liquid Salt Remover is available as concentrate or Chlor*Rid DTS (Direct-to-surface) ready-to-use salt remover. Chlor*Wash Solution removes chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salts, and other contamination including road films and dirt. Prevent flash rust for up to a several days with Chlor*Rid brand Hold-Blast surface passivator. Chlor*Rid products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable, making them safe for the user and the environment to detect and eliminate salt contamination that can cause degradation of the structure and early coating failure.

Contact Stone Tucker Instruments for annual calibration of your Lamotte Colourimeter, used in the ChlorTest CSN kit. Call (905) 688-5800 for service in Ontario and Eastern Canada, and (587) 758-8367 for service in Western Canada.


ChlorTest CSN Kit Datasheet