Chlor*Test W Chloride Ion Test Kit for Water & Liquids

ChlorTest W Chloride Ion Test Kits for Water by Chlor*Rid International are simple to use and accurate field test kits for measuring soluble salts in water used for blast cleaning for coatings preparation, or other liquids. Chlor*Rid ChlorTest W Soluble Salt Test Kits are available in 5-test packs or bulk packs of 50 tests for all salt test applications.

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Like all Chlor*Test Kits, the ChlorTest W Chloride Ion Test Kit for Water is a self-contained and ready-to-use salt test kit containing everything needed for simple and accurate measurement of chlorides in blast water or other liquids. Suitable for both field and laboratory use, single-use test components eliminate cross-contamination from test to test. ChlorTest W gives accurate results in parts per million, with no temperature correction required between 41°F to 176° (C).

Available in 5-test packs, or in bulk packs of 50 tests, ChlorTest W Kits contain everything needed to simply and accurately measure chlorides dissolved in water used for pressure washing, water jetting, or wet abrasive blasting, right at the job-site, in a matter of minutes.

Chlor*Rid products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.

When salt testing reveals excess chloride levels, use Chlor*Rid liquids to remove surface salts: Chlor*Rid Liquid Salt Remover is available as concentrate or Chlor*Rid DTS (Direct-to-surface) ready-to-use salt remover. Chlor*Wash Solution removes chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salts, and other contamination including road films and dirt. Prevent flash rust for up to a several days with Chlor*Rid brand Hold-Blast surface passivator. Chlor*Rid products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and bio-degradable, making them safe for the user and the environment to detect and eliminate salt contamination that can cause degradation of the structure and early coating failure.


Weight 363 g
Dimensions 190 × 127 × 115 mm

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