eChlor*Test Kit for Chlorides on Surfaces

Chlor*Rid International eChlor*Test Kit for electronic measurement of surface chloride contamination. Self-contained, simple-to-use ChlorTest Kit with digital display and data-logging for 500 tests of soluble salts on surfaces.

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Chlor*Rid International has taken their ChlorTest Kit for Chloride Ions on Surfaces and developed their eChlor*Test Electronic Field Test Kit for measurement of surface salt contamination. Using the Chlor*Sleeve and Chlor*Extract solution,  the sample is retrieved from the surface, then tested using ChlorRid’s new eChor*Test meter to measure the level of chlorides on any surface.

The new eChlorTest meter provides digital readout of chloride levels in µg/cm² and parts per million, eliminating the need for conversion charts or calculations. Up to 500 test results are automatically stored in the meter, along with location of the test and number of the test (1/500, etc) Results are downloadable to computer.

*results are based on pre-set calibrations, using only components provided by the manufacturer. The eChlorTest meter will not provide reliable results using materials from other suppliers.

eChlor*Test materials are pre-measured, single-use components, to ensure accuracy and prevent cross-contamination from test to test. Chlor*Rid liquids and Chlor*Extract are environmentally-safe, and non-hazardous, making them suitable for use on any coatings job site, or other field or laboratory situation. Like all Chlor*Test Kits, eChlorTest is easy-to-use, fast, and reliable for on-site measurement of soluble chloride salts on surfaces. The complete eChlorTest Kit includes the eChlorTest meter plus everything necessary to perform 5 surface chloride tests. Refill packs are available with 5 or 50 complete tests.

If salt testing reveals levels of chlorides, sulphates, or nitrates that exceed permitted levels, use Chlor*Rid liquids to remove surface salts: Chlor*Rid Liquid Salt Remover is available as concentrate or Chlor*Rid DTS (Direct-to-surface) ready-to-use salt remover. Chlor*Wash Solution removes chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salts, and other contamination including road films and dirt. Prevent flash rust for up to a several days with Chlor*Rid brand Hold-Blast surface passivator. Chlor*Rid products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable, making them safe for the user and the environment to detect and eliminate salt contamination that can cause degradation of the structure and early coating failure.

Contact Stone Tucker Instruments for annual calibration of your Lamotte Colourimeter, used in the ChlorTest CSN kit. Call (905) 688-5800 for service in Ontario and Eastern Canada, and (587) 758-8367 for service in Western Canada.


eChlorTest Kit Datasheet