Western Instruments’ Standard Permanent Magnet Yoke

WM-5 Permanent Magnet Yoke is a Hinged-Frame magnetic particle yoke with rotating contact feet to maximize contact area with the workpiece. The WM-5 is a completely portable Magnetic Particle Inspection tool.


Western Instruments’ WM-5 Permanent Magnet Yoke hinged frame magnetic particle yoke permits Magnetic Particle Inspection anywhere, as no electricity is required. The WM-5 is considered a standard Permanent Magnet Yoke; the WM-5LT is a lighter-weight model.

Rare-earth magnet cartridges in the WM-5 Yokes translate into complete portability and no “down-time” with no batteries to recharge. All WM-series yokes lift over 50 pounds (23 kg) and are equipped with rotating contact feet to maximize the contact area of the yoke to the workpiece.


The WM-5 Yoke comes with:

  • Permanent Magnet Yoke
  • Field Indicator
  • Inspection Media
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Carrying Case
  • Operators Manual

Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits available: Dry, Wet, Dry/Wet, Wet Fluorescent

Western Instruments WM Series Datasheet