Western Instruments WD-Series Magnetic Particle Coils

Western Instruments’ WD-series Magnetic Particle Coils are fully self-contained, and feature DC Magnetization, Reversing DC Demagnetization, and variable output. 5 models/sizes available

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Western Instruments’ WD-Series Magnetic Particle Coils are designed for use in the field, or in manufacturing or repair facilities. Magnetic Particle Coils are used to inspect for transverse cracks in drill pipe, couplings, and other drilling tools used in the oil industry. WD-Series Coils are fully self-contained; no external power supply is required. The WD-Series Magnetic Particle Coils feature DC magnetization, reversing DC demagnetization, constant-reading digital amp meter, and solid state electronic controls. The power supply offers Infinite Variable Control on the DC Output. The WD-Series Coils are available in 5 models with Interior Diameters as follows:

  • WDV-8 8 5/8 inches
  • WDV-10 10 3/4 “
  • WDV-14 14″
  • WDV-16 16″
  • WDV-25 25″

WDV-8, 10, & 14 are available in 115V/60 Hz and 230 V/50Hz* WDV-16 and 24 are available in 220V/60 Hz and 240 V/50 Hz models. (*standard voltage is 115 VAC. 230 VAC is optional) All coils have a DC output greater than 10000 Amp Turns Options available include:

  • Cast Feet
  • Removable Power Cord
  • ID Wear Bars
  • AC Output
  • Foot Switch
  • Separate Power Supplies are available for retrofitting coils