Rhopoint Novo-Curve Glossmeter

Rhopoint Americas Novo-Curve Glossmeter is a benchtop glossmeter for curved and small surfaces.

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Rhopoint Americas Novo-Curve Benchtop Glossmeter for measuring the gloss of curved surfaces and small areas. It has built-in statistical analysis and the ability to download results.


  • Hands-free operation
  • Measures using 60º geometry
  • Full statistical analysis
  • Measures matte to mirror finish
  • Download, analyze, and store readings in Novo-Soft

Compatible with ASTM D523 and ISO2813.

Weight6000 g
Dimensions310 × 400 × 180 mm

The Novo-Curve Glossmeter comes with:

  • Benchtop Glossmeter
  • Footswitch
  • 220-240V/110-120V AC Mains Power Pack
  • 4x Large Sample Jigging Posts
  • Tile Cleaning Cloth
  • Instruction Manual
  • BAM Traceable Calibration Tile and Certificate
  • Two Year Warranty
Rhopoint Novo-Curve Glossmeter Datasheet

Click here to download the Rhopoint Novo-Curve Glossmeter Datasheet