G.A.L. Gage Bridge Cam Welding Gauge

G.A.L. Gage Bridge Cam Welding Gage measures angle of preparation, 0º to 60º; excess weld metal (capping size); depth of undercut; depth of pitting; fillet weld throat size; fillet weld length; and misalignment (high-low). High-quality stainless steel construction ensures accuracy of measurement and durability.

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Bridge Cam Gauge from G.A.L. Gage is simple-to-use, handheld weld inspection gauge for all aspects of weld measurement. Made in the USA of quality stainless steel, the versatile Bridge Cam Welding Gauge enables accurate measurement of the following:

  • Weld undercut depth or crown, to 1/32 inch
  • Excess weld material (capping size)
  • Fillet weld length
  • Fillet weld throat size
  • Weld size and height
  • Angle of preparation, 0 to 60º
  • Misalignment (high/low)
  • Depth of pitting

Measurements are possible in either inches or millimeters.

Each BridgeCam Gauge is supplied with an illustrated sheet showing the gauge parts, as well as the correct procedure for measuring different weld parameters.


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