Western Instruments’ Digital Basic Pit Gauge

Western Instruments’ Digital Basic Pit Gauge measures pits, corrosion, and flaws in surfaces. Indispensable tool for corrosion inspectors to verify the surface condition of pipes, steel, and cement structures, tanks, and pressure vessels.

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The Digital Basic Pit Gauge by Western Instruments is a vital tool in steel inspection when corrosion dictates measurement of pit depth. With the indicator positioned in the centre of the blade, all versions of the Basic Pit Gauge are suited for flat, straight surfaces. For small or curved measurements, the Pocket Pit Gauge is recommended, and to measure across small areas of corrosion or into corners or around welds, risers or reinforcements,

The standard Basic Pit Gauge includes a 2 ¼” base with a choice of metric or imperial dial indicator or a digital indicator that displays in both mm and inches. The imperial dial indicator measures up to 0.550 inches in 0.001″ graduations, with an accuracy of 0.0005″. The metric dial indicator measures to 14 mm in 0.01 mm graduations, with an accuracy of 0.005 mm.

The digital indicator is available with switchable imperial/metric units, measuring to the same maximum values as the dial indicators, with accuracies of .005 mm or .0005″.

The Basic Pit Gauge blade is available in the standard 2.2″ model, the Basic Plus blade, which is 3 ½ inches long, or the Basic Plus Magnetic 3.5″ blade with magnetic inserts in the blade foot for greater stability.

Options for the Basic Pit Gauge include:

  • Metric or imperial dial indicators
  • Standard, conical, or needle tips
  • Standard 2¼” base, or 3½” in base on the Basic+
  • Magnetic hold-downs on the Basic+ Magnetic

The Digital Basic Pit Gauge comes with:

  • Digital Indicator
  • Basic Blade
  • Spare #2 Contact Point
  • Allen Key
  • Wooden Storage Case
  • Operator Instructions
  • Calibration Certificate

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