PTC 312CRR Rail Surface Thermometer

PTC 312CRR Ultra Magnetic Surface Thermometer for railroad fabrication.


PTC 312CRR Industrial Railroad Magnetic Surface Thermometer features the strongest magnet available for a surface thermometer. The bimetallic sensor is enclosed to reduce ingress of dust or other debris. The 312CRR surface thermometer has single-degree markings with large, easy-to-read numbers, and a large, read indicator hand. Every thermometer is serialized, and can be certified to NIST.

Temperature Range-20° to 120°C
Accuracy±2% of Full Scale Range

PTC Industrial Railroad Thermometers conform to AREMA Specifications. Other temperature scales are available in 4-Magnet Industrial Railroad Surface Thermometers.

Weight454 g
Dimensions102 × 70 × 32 mm