TQC Polygloss Glossmeter

TQC PolyGloss Meter allows for quick and accurate gloss levels measurement. This unit measures 20/60/85 degrees on any flat surface.

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The TQC Glossmeter allows the user to quickly and accurately measure gloss levels on any flat surface. Whether you are measuring on paper, paint, plastic, wood or any other material, no special training or skills are required. Simply place the gauge, press the scan button, and read the values. Template options can also provide non-flat surfaces and small test areas.

The PolyGloss® Glossmeter is the triple angle instrument featuring 2o°, 60°, and 85° measuring angles thus covering the entire gloss-spectrum. The 85° is for low gloss levels (high diffuse reflection) or matte surfaces. Depending on the model, the instrument can be set to measure and display just one or several measurement angle simultaneously.

The chassis is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and injection-moulded, hi-tech plastic for superior stability. LED light-source ensures long bulb life as well as consistent, reliable gloss values. The super-clear OLED display is angled at 35-degrees, providing excellent readability in virtually every application. The TQC Gloss Meter body shape is comfortable for right- and left-handed users, with a “soft touch” coated upper area for improved grip. Every TQC Glossmeter is supplied with a protective holder fitted with an integrated calibration standard to permit field calibration.

TQC’s Ideal Finish Analysis® software is supplied with every glossmeter. Gloss values are downloaded to computer via the instrument USB port. Software permits the analysis of measurements taken, as well as the production of reports, charts, and graphs from the results. Ideal Finish Analysis works with a range of TQC instruments including the Curve-X3 Oven Logger.

Features of all TQC Glossmeters:

  • Optical stability – optics mounted on stable chassis for a solid instrument base
  • Extreme low-drift, long-lasting LED light source
  • OLED display (Organic Light Emitting Display) for extremely high visibility and contrast
  • Display positioned at 35-degree angle to give excellent readability
  • Ergonomic shape for both right and left-handed users
  • Easy-to-use menu-driven operation
  • Scan mode
  • Datalogging: 2000 total readings in up to 8 batches (max 500 readings per batch)
  • Readings are date and time stamped
  • Statistics: min/max/avg/std.dev/number of measurements
  • USB port for quick data transfer
  • Protective gauge holder has an integrated Calibration Standard for field calibration
  • Password protection of Gloss Meter
  • Certificate of calibration traceable to BAM standards
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship
  • Ideal Finish Analysis Software for download and evaluation of gloss values

Applicable Standards include:

  • ISO 2813
  • ASTM D523
  • ASTM D2457
  • ASTM C584
  • AS 1580 (602.2)
  • BS 3900 DS
  • DIN 67530
  • JIS Z 8741
  • ISO 7668
  • MFT 30064 (exception 45° angle)

(Look up the appropriate standard for a correct execution of the test)

Weight398 lbs
Dimensions90 × 140 × 45 in

Each TQC Glossmeter comes with the following items:

  • TQC Glossmeter (20°/60°/85° depending on your model)
  • 2AA Type Batteries
  • Plastic Case
  • Screwdriver
  • USB Stick with TQC Ideal Finish Analysis Software
  • Micro-fibre Cleaning Towel
  • USB Cable
  • Calibration Certificate

Click here to download the TQC Glossmeters Datasheet