TQC Dust Tape Test Kit

TQC Dust Tape Test Kit allows evaluation of surface cleanliness prior to paint application, in accordance with the principle of ISO 8502-3.

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The TQC SP3200 Dust Tape Test Kit is designed to be used in the field to measure the level of cleanliness against ISO Standard ISO 8502-3 for “Assessment of Dust on Steel Surfaces Prepared for Painting – Pressure-Sensitive Tape Method”. A direct correlation exists between surface cleanliness and coatings adhesion. A sturdy binder contains all equipment needed for the evaluation of dust build-up on the surface prior to coating.

Features of the TQC Dust Tape Test Kit:

  • Standardized report forms including all information required by ISO 8502-3
  • Display board of levels of dust accumulation and size comparator for light and dark particles
  • Scratch-resistant, transparent plastic Sample Transfer sheet
  • Follows ISO 8502-3
  • 10X illuminated magnifier
  • Scissors
  • Comparator display board
  • Pictorial manual

The TQC Dust Test Kit comes with:

  • Dust Comparator Display Board
  • Dust Assessment Plate
  • ISO Adhesive Tape
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Illuminated 10x Magnifier
  • Report Forms (25)

TQC Dust Test Kit Datasheet

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