Testex Coarse Replica Tape

Testex Tape, Press-O-Film, measures Surface Profile of Blasted Steel by taking an impression of the surface.

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Testex Tape (Press-O-Film Surface Replica Tape) measures the Surface Profile of blasted steel, and provides the Coatings Inspector with a permanent record of Blast Profile for his inspection records. Testex Press-O-Film Surface Replica Tape is designed to take a permanent impression of the Surface Profile of Blasted Steel. Steel surfaces must be cleaned and roughened prior to application of protective coatings to ensure coating adhesion. After blasting with appropriate blast medium, the Surface Profile is measured to ensure adequate profile depth for the protective coating being applied.

Testex Tape consists of a layer of crushable plastic microfoam on a non-compressible polyester backing of uniform thickness. When rubbed against the Blasted Steel Surface, the foam collapses, acquiring the impression of the Surface Profile. The thickness of the compressed tape equals the average maximum peak-to-valley profile plus the thickness of the non-compressed tape backing. A micrometer is used to measure the thickness of the replica tape. Testex Tape comes in several grades designed to measure Surface Profile of different depth ranges. It is important to ensure that the correct tape grade is chosen for the profile range under examination. Each roll contains 50 test segments.

Testex Coarse Tape has a range of 0.8 – 2.5 mils/20 – 50 microns.

Testex Tape now includes two dots to permit proper alignment in the DeFelsko PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader Probe, to make it easier for the coatings inspector to correctly measure the Testex Tape with the PosiTector RTR Probe.

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

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