WC-6×2 High-Output Compact Magnetic Particle Yoke

Western Instruments’ WC-6×2 Magnetic Particle Yoke is a high-output, compact AC Yoke that lifts over 20 pounds, far exceeding ASTM or ASME Specifications for AC Yokes. With greater sensitivity and stronger field than standard AC Yokes, WC-6×2 was developed to test for surface discontinuities in coated steel surfaces, without having to remove the coatings.


Western Instruments’ WC-6×2 High-Output Compact Magnetic Particle Yoke exceeds ASTM or ASME Specifications for AC Yokes with a 20-pound lift.  The WC-6×2 was designed to inspect for for cracks or indications in painted ferrous materials without removing the coating prior to testing.

The ergonomically-designed housing, combined with the light weight, reduces Operator fatigue and strain. Urethane rubber provides superior housing durability in rugged environments. The Power Cord Strain Relief on the WC-6×2 is the most durable in the industry: heavy-duty rubber cord junction enters the Rotating End Cap on the side, which allows the Inspector to position the cord through 360-degrees of rotation, significantly reducing strain on the cord junction. Rubber cord jacket is oil, water, and UV-resistant for increased longevity even in harsh environments.

WC-6×2 is actuated by a Solid-State Switching Module working a miniature push-button switch with a grounding provision, and sealed housing, making it ideal for field environments and capable of being cleaned by brush or bath. The yellow switch cover on all WC-series yokes seals the switch cavity, protecting the switch against material intrusion.

The increased-strength AC field makes the WC-6×2 highly-sensitive to surface or near-surface defects in steel and other ferrous metals with an intact coated surface, and not recommended for uncoated metal surfaces.

Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits are available for: Wet, Dry, Wet/Dry, and Wet Fluorescent methods.

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions18 × 14 × 6 in

Click here to download the Western Instruments WC-6×2 High Output AC Yoke Datasheet

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