Western Instruments’ WC-8 Magnetic Particle Yoke

Western Instruments’ WC-8 Pulsed DC Magnetic Particle Yoke lifts over 50 pounds to comply with DC Specification.

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Western Instruments’ WC-8 Magnetic Particle Yoke is a lightweight, compact DC Yoke with Urethane Rubber housing and grounded solid state switch to enhance operator safety. WC8 includes Western Instruments’ rugged power cord Strain Relief.

A special module in the WC-8 Yoke converts 12 Volt DC into a pulsed signal, allowing the unit to lift over 50 pounds, while inducing particle mobility similar to an AC Yoke. The WC 8 Magnetic Particle Yoke draws less than 1/2 Amp, so a 3.0 Amp/Hour battery pack will last all day. 100% duty cycle Western Instruments offers battery packs in 3.0, 7.0, and 12 Amp hour ratings (nominal), as well as their exclusive Dual Output Battery Pack, permitting use of a 12 Volt UV Lamp for totally portable Wet Fluorescent Inspection.

The urethane rubber housing provides superior durability in rugged environments and the Power Cord Strain Relief System is the most durable in industry. Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits Available: Dry, Wet, Dry/Wet, Wet Fluorescent methods


Click here to download the Western Instruments WC-8 Compact AC/DC Yoke Datasheet

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