Western Instruments’ Cable Style Yoke

Western Instruments’ WM-5C Permanent Magnet Yoke is an Intrinsically Safe magnetic particle yoke.


Western Instruments’ WM-5C Cable-Type Permanent Magnet Yoke uses a rare-earth magnet with a lift of 60 pounds. Recharging is not required. Permanent Magnet Yokes permit Magnetic Particle Inspection where no power supply is available. The coated cable allows a great deal of flexibility to easily permit maximum contact area. WM-5C hand-grips are ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort, and easy removal from the work piece.

Permanent Magnet Yokes are Intrinsically Safe for use in the oil and gas industry. All WM-Series Yokes are supplied with a Calibration Certificate and Operators Manual. Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits available: Dry, Wet, Dry/Wet, Wet Fluorescent Kits include: Permanent Magnet Yoke, Carrying Case, Field Indicator, and Inspection Media