Tramex MRH3 Moisture and Humidity Meter

Tramex MRH3 Moisture and Humidity Meter is a hand-held digital moisture meter calibrated for most building materials.

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The Tramex MRH3 Moisture and Humidity Meter is a hand-held digital moisture meter calibrated for most building materials. It also attaches to an optional plug-in Tramex Hygro-i® relative humidity probe and heavy-duty pin type electrodes. This unit is suitable for many industries including Water Damage 
Restoration, Flooring, Residential Roofing, Building Surveying, Indoor Air Quality, Home Inspection, and Pest Control. It is effective on drywall, wood, plaster, brick, ceramic, porcelain tiles, resilient flooring, laminates, asphalt composition shingles, and most building materials.

Moisture behind an Exterior Insulation & Finishing System (EIFS) can result in extensive damage of the building structure, while being difficult to locate due to lack of visible evidence of moisture and decay on the external portion of inside or outside walls. Wet insulation reduces the effectiveness of the thermal barrier, and excess moisture between walls causes mould and rot. Failure to remediate moisture problems within walls can ultimately result in failure of the cladding system and even the wall itself.

MRH3 Moisture & RH Meter used with Tramex’ Hygro-I® RH probes allows the user to take in-situ or hood-type RH measurements in concrete floors, in accordance with ASTM F2170 Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using In Situ Probes.


  • Digital, non-destructive moisture meter
  • Optional plug-in wood probe
  • Optional plug-in Tramex Hygro-I® relative humidity probe for relative humidity, temperature, dew point and mixing ratio readings
  • Deep signal penetration of up to 1 ¼” (20 mm) for wood and drywall and + 1 inch for other materials
  • Wood non-invasive moisture of  5 – 55% (a specific gravity of 0.3)
  • Wood invasive moisture of 7 – 40% using optional pin-type wood probe
  • Reference scale of 0 – 100 for non-wood building materials
  • Relative humidity of 0 – 99% RH using optional Hygro-I® probes
  • Specific gravity adjustment for most wood species
  • External Rubber electrodes make direct contact with the material being tested for best sensitivity and repeatability
  • Wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials
  • Backlit, large, clear, easy to read LCD display
  • “Hold” function enables user to “freeze” the reading
  • Switchable “On” or “Off” audio warning tone
  • Automatic power cutoff switches “Off” when not in use
  • Automatic default to last user setting when switched back on
  • Powered by 9V PP3 battery
Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 3 in

The Tramex MRH3 Moisture Meter comes with:

  • Carrying Case
  • Tramex 1 Year Warranty against defects in materials & workmanship

Optional probes are available.

Click here to download the Tramex MRH3 Datasheet

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